Last Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting with my good friend, Derek Maul.  We got together for a round of golf at the beautiful Lake Gaston Golf Club in Gasburg, VA.  Gasburg for anyone interested, is a tiny hamlet in Brunswick County near the VA-NC border.  Derek and his wife, Rebekah just recently moved to the Raleigh, NC area where Rebekah is now the new pastor at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church in the town of Wake Forest

Since Derek and Rebekah live so much closer the Richmond area now, I wanted to reach out and take advantage of that new close proximity by inviting him to travel to Gasburg for a visit and some golf, a favorite pastime of Derek’s.


A nice shady fairway.

It was a great day on the links on this beautiful, tucked away course, that both Derek and I recommend you play if you’re looking for a scenic, quiet round of golf.  We had a great opportunity for conversation as we covered the 18 holes.  It’s always fun to get together with someone who shares your ideas, passions and enjoy a game that we both feel is a great way to unwind and relax.


On his way to an impressive round of 79, Derek shows me the way!

After our round, I took time to sit and talk with Derek over lunch provided by the LGGC club house staff.  “The 19th Hole” served up an awesome couple of cheeseburgers to enjoy as we discussed our games and talked about the excitement regarding my friend’s new abode and all the many wonderful opportunities before he and Rebekah as they become part of their new church and community.


Derek & Rebekah Maul

Back in August after a set of tennis, I talked with a good friend about the spiritual stone of ‘Ministry’ and have heard about how a man who viewed that video conversation was moved and energized in his continued growth as a committed men’s ministry leader.  So, I figured it would be great to break out the video camera again for another conversation, this time for the spiritual stone of ‘Mission’.  Since Derek is my mentor and part of the inspiration for this blog and it’s title, I felt he would be perfect to engage in a conversation about ‘Mission’ in the context of ‘Living Like You Mean It’.  Derek has great insight and an excellent communicator.  He has spoken a various men’s retreats and other events around the country.  I hope you’ll enjoy and share this video conversation linked below.3

For Derek it’s all about the belief that ‘Mission’ and salvation are the same; ‘participating in the work that God is up to; the God initiative’ and the importance of telling and sharing our story.  So often we’re given an opportunity to share our story but all too many times we fail to engage for one reason or another.  Derek shares a great story about a recent missional encounter with a philosophy professor in the airport as an example of how easy it can be to share our story.

I highly encourage you to check out Derek’s blog, “The Life-Charged Life” at: and his various books that you can easily find through his publisher, ‘Upper Room’ or on Amazon.

Thanks again to my friend Derek for a great day of fun and uplifting conversation!

Soon to come, the long awaiting ‘Living Like You Mean It’ Interview with John Henderson and also, the last of the spiritual stones, a conversation on ‘Worship’.  Until then…

Peace be with you,