Greetings everyone!

Good to be back with a post today.  Since my last post, ‘sequestration’ has ended early thankfully!  I have no more mandatory Monday’s off for now.  A lot of course remains unanswered concerning next fiscal year’s budgeting so for now, I am very thankful that its over. 

Also since last time the Gryder Family went on the yearly beach trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  This was our first year without my father being there.  He’d picked out the house before he passed away last December. 

I’ve been trying to find time to get a posting up and yesterday and today seemed the best opportunities so, I’d like to pick up where we left off.  Today I’m encouraging you to take time to view the enjoyable video discussion with my good friend, Rev. Greg Ott.

Greg is a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  After he and I finished an evening workout on the tennis court, I asked him about the next topic in our ‘spiritual stone’ series journey: ‘ministry’.

Greg emphasized the importance of ‘ministry’ and how it is a word of action.  We see people performing acts of kindness and compassion (‘living like they mean it’) around us all the time.  We recognize that being our brothers keeper is, for most Christians, an act of ‘ministry’.  But what about the individual who doesn’t attend church, the non-believer, or perhaps the seeker that doesn’t get that the leaves they raked up for their neighbor without asking was an act of ‘ministry’?  And what about the Muslim, the Jew and other faiths; what do they believe about ‘ministry’? 

 Thanking someone for an act of ‘ministry’ you see them carry out, bringing it to their attention is, in itself ‘ministry’. The ‘teaching moment’ opportunity for conversation whether it be with a believer, non-believer or someone of another faith, makes it so we’re able to share our story “of the Jesus you understand”, to “make our claim in a loving way”.  

Today’s world community presents us as ‘Jesus Followers’ with a tremendous opportunity for ‘ministry’.  It is up to us as active people of faith to act and in the spirit of ministerial compassion go through the doors that are opened to us.  The spiritual stone of ‘ministry’ is truly and important key to who we are and to ‘Living Like You Mean It’.

Peace and thanks again to Greg for his participation. Until next time.