Today I visited the labyrinth on the campus of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA.  Last week I asked you to think about what the first ‘spiritual stone’, ‘discipleship’.  As I reflected this week I kept thinking about the labyrinth.

While I was at the labyrinth today, I took time to walk it.  It is a unique experience that takes you on a journey and as you twist and turn your way slowly and reflectively through it, you come to somehow contemplate its power.  As I methodically stepped my way around I found myself realizing that I was at times close to the center and then suddenly on the outside of the labyrinth, but all the while aware that the center was there beckoning to me.

As I walked I thought about how our relationship with the Creator is very much the journey of a labyrinth walk; we’re close and then far away, but all the while the Creator, the ever present center of spirituality, is there for us as we move close and then distant.

If you have never taken time to experience a labyrinth, I highly recommend you seek out one and take time to have the experience.

As my friend, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) says, we’re all on the journey of ‘discipleship’; different paths for us all, but all working to make our way to the center, ‘the heart of God’.

Being one of those called by Jesus, to follow him and leave everything at that moment of call is undoubtedly the most intense example of discipleship.  What would have been your answer to the call?  Could you have left everything as they did?  I don’t honestly know how I would have reacted, but thanks be to God that those 12 ordinary souls did.IMG_0582

Next week we explore ‘Fellowship’.