So today is Monday, first day of the work week but it’s the first of 11 that I, along with many other hardworking, dedicated civil servants have been given as a day off w/o pay.  It’s called sequestration.
A 4-day work week will give me an opportunity to appreciate the little things in life; take care of some things around the house like cleaning the back porch.
I’m blessed with a beautiful family and all will be ok …in the long run.   It’ll be rougher for some folk as everyone’s situation is different and for those people I pray for patience and understanding during this time. I have to remind myself that I’m still better off today than I was some 14 plus yrs ago when I didn’t have a job, a home, a wife or two beautiful boys.
So I’m taking today as this first of 11 to hopefully inspire you during this time where I’ll be visiting with you via video.  God is still creating.
So sequestration; a not very logical way to accomplish an obvious problem, but this too shall pass. Today is not just another Monday, today is another opportunity to ‘live like you mean it’, I intend to. How about you?
See you next Monday!